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Many common sports, such as Baseball, Basketball, chess, football, Field Hockey, golf, horse racing, etc.

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2011-01-07 05:27:33
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Q: What traditional sports are played in Malaysia?
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What sports are not played in Malaysia?

Downhill skiing, snowmobiling, luge

What are the traditional sports played in Canada?

ice hokey

What traditional British sports are played in New Zealand?

Soccer and rugby

What are some general cultural traits of traditional sports played in Japan?


What are some commonly played sports in Spain?

traditional played sport is soccer. There are many other sports played: Cycling, bullfighting which are been around since 17th century

Do Malaysia have any sports?


What is the traditional sport in Belgium?

there are a lot of sports played in Belgium. some popular sports are football ,tennis, table tennis.

What is the history of Malaysia team handball?

It was introduced into Malaysia in 1982 and was officially played in 1985 in Malaysia school sports calendar until today. Now it is not only played in school levels, but in university, teacher training institutes, clubs and states handball associations. You can check various tournaments in web site of HANDBALL IN MALAYSIA tribute

What are the three traditionl sports played in Japan?

Baseball, Sumo Wrestling and Martial Arts are 3 big traditional sports in Japan

What are the majour sports in Malaysia?

Badminton, soccer

What is the best food in Malaysia?

Traditional food and seafood

What traditional games are played in the US Virgin Island?

Traditional games played in the Virgin Islands are baseball, softball, basketball, tennis and volleyball. The Virgin Islands has produced professional players in each of the sports. Non-traditional sports coming into popularity in the last couple of decades are soccer, cricket and rounders.

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