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The hitch kick technique is used in the long jump event.

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Long Jump

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Braid jump

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Q: What track and field event is the hitch kick technique used?
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What track on field event uses the hitch kick technique?

The long jump

What is long jump and three different type?

Long jump is a track and field athletics event. Three techniques include the hang, the sail and the hitch kick.

Is hurdles a track or field event?

hurdles are only used in hurdles - athletics. if that is what you are looking for...

Is the high jump a track or field event?

I'm not positive but I have learned that it is a field event. It has nothing to do with the track. It contains running in the beginning on the FIELD.

Is pole vault a track or fiend event?

Field event, all events that ur not actually on the track are field events!