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He lives in Morristown, NJ. He lives in Morristown, NJ.

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Q: What town does Brett Favre live in New Jersey?
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Where was Brett Favre raised?

Favre was born in Gulfport, Mississippi, and raised in the small town of Kiln.

Where is Brett Favre high school?

in a Hancock county in the the small town of kiln

What is the population of Brett Favre's home town?

The 2010 U.S. Census lists Favre's hometown of Kiln, Mississippi with a population of 2,238.

What town does Brett Farve live in?

Favre spends most of his time away from football in Hattiesburg, Miss., where he attended the University of Southern Mississippi from 1987-91.

Where did Brett Favre growup at?

Kiln, Mississippi ... a small town of about 2000 people in the southern part of the state about 25 miles or so north of the Gulf of Mexico.

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Alpine, New Jersey

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The ICONic Boyz live in English Town New Jersey.

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