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He has 92 professional wins, including 68 PGA Tour victories and 14 majors.

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Q: What tournament has Tiger Woods won?
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Who won the golf tournament 2006?

tiger woods

Has tiger woods won a tournament since the thanksgiving fiasco?

No, he hasn't.

Was Tiger Woods separated when he won his last tournament?

He just won on the 26th of march and he is separated. Yes he was separated when he won his last tournament.

How many major tournament has tiger woods won since his divorce from his wife?


Who won the memorial tournament in 2002?

Bubba watson

Who won the masters golf tournament in 1997 at Augusta national golf course?

Tiger Woods

What is the largest win at the masters golf tournament?

Tiger Woods in 1997 won by 12 strokes

Who won 2008 Masters golf?

Trevor Immelman won the 2008 Master tournament and was awarded his green jacket.

What is the last tournament Serena Williams won?

The last tournament Tiger Woods won was the 2009 Arnold Palmer Invitational at Bay Hill.

How did Tiger Woods become famouse?

He really hit the bigtime when he won the US Junior Championship Tournament in 1991.

Is Tiger Woods winning the memorial tournament today?

No, Tiger Woods did not play the 2011 Memorial.

Can the masters keep tiger woods out of the tournament?