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Q: What top did albert contador wear in the tour de france?
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Who was the first American to wear the yellow jersey in the tour de France?

Greg Lamond

Which tour jersey did Australian Cadel Evans wear at the finishing podium of the 2008 Tour de France?

His team jersey - Silence Lotto

What sport does the main player wear yellow shirt?

cycling.the overall leader of the tour de France will wear a yellow shirt.

Why do they wear different jerseys in tour de france?

To make it easier for the audience to spot the top riders.

What colour does the best sprinter wear in the tour de france?

The best sprinter gets a green jersey.

How many gears on a tour de France bicycle?

Riders participating in the Tour de France use bicycles. They also wear helmets, cycling shoes, and clothing in their team colors.

In which sporting event would the competitor wear the maillot jaune?

The answer is American rugby team

What patterned jersey does the best climber wear on tour?

giro d'italia = green vuelta a espana = was green, now polka dot tour of California = red tour down under = white and green tour de France = polka dot

How do you wear the tour hat on club penguin?

To wear a tour hat you open your profile and click the hat in your inventory. To lead a tour you can only be wearing your hat.

Which tour jersey did cadel evans wear at the finishing podium of the 2008 tour de France?

He just wore his normal team jersey. He was 2nd Overall, 14th in the Green Jersey competition and 16th in the King of the Mountains classification.

What do people in France wear?

people in France wear regular clothes

What do players of the tour de france wear?

Most simply wear team-issue bicycle gear, althoug the lucky few who do exceptionally well gets to wear specially coloured jerseys to show that they are overall fastest, best sprinter, or strongest climber.