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structural fitting tools

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Q: What tools does a structural fitter need?
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What kind of training do you need for structural fitter jobs?

Check this link, , they have the information to perfectly suit you. I am sure it will help.

What are some questions on a structural fitter test?

Math and types of tools to be used. Safety practice. some rigging question

Can you pass a structural fitter test?


Is there a particular region that has an abundance of structural fitter job openings?

It seems as if there are quite a few openings in the midwest and Houston. See openings at

What qualifications do you need for structural fitter jobs?

The exact qualifications depend on the exact job that you are applying for, but most have similar requirements. You need to have some experience as a structural fitter, able to communicate well, use and understand the tools and equipment. For more information, you can go to . A high level of physical co-ordination and manual dexterity is required at basic. one has to be atleast graduate and should have high skills and dexterity working with hands.

Where can I apply for structial fitter jobs?

There are a few places online. A few are , , and .

Are structural fitter jobs in high demand right now?

There are structural fitter jobs in demand. As with many other jobs it depends on where you live, and your skill level. Jobs in this industry are available. There are some hobs in the structural fitting industry. This type of work has slowed as construction has slowed across the country.

Is fitter a word as in I desire to become fitter?

yes. you can be a steam fitter, pipe fitter, bra fitter. fitter as in 'i want to get fitter' is correfct, but you can also use ' i want to get more fit'. both ways are correct.

What subjecs do you need to became a fitter and turner?

businessstudy maths and biology

What tools does one need to install a handicap shower stall?

The tools that are needed to install a bathroom shower are measuring tape, spanners, tile drill, dust sheets, pencil, and pipe cutters. It is best to engage a professional shower fitter to fit one's bathroom shower, instead of DIY project.

What is ship fitter?

ship fitters build different parts of the ship then put it together and have a ship,and it is a JOB. ship fitter beats a hammer and heats steel all day so it will go together,a shipyard is one hammer beating place.

Does a pipe-fitter who can weld make more than a pipe-fitter that cant?

no,he is called a combination fitter/welder.>.