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under pants and a cup

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Q: What to wear under muay thai shorts?
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What do rugby players wear under their shorts?

Rugby Players Wear Compression Shorts Under Their Shorts Usually.

What do footballers wear under their shorts?

compression shorts

WHAT is another name for the muay thai armband?

armband called Prajioud and the one that you wear over your head called Mongkol

What is a mongkol?

a mongkol is a circlet that boxers and muay thai fighters wear before a fight. they believe it will keep them safe and free from danger.

Can you wear tights under shorts?

Yeah,you can.

What to wear under a wet suit?

bike shorts

What should you wear under your morphsuit?

A pair of tight shorts, e.g. base layer shorts or cycling shorts.

Did Michael Jordan wear unc shorts under his Chicago jersey?

yes he wore his unc shorts under his Chicago shorts for good luck

What to wear under bicycle shorts?

Nothing. Bicycle shorts are meant to be worn with nothing underneath.

What should you wear under a skirt?

Tights or LeggingsBike Shorts

What to wear under volleyball shorts?

your underwear nothing special

What are the pants that footy players wear under there shorts?


Should you wear underwear under running shorts and swimming trunks?

Only under running shorts, not under swimming trunks. Trust me. :D

What should you wear under your toga costume?

you should wear a white cami and shorts.

How do you wear sliding shorts?

You wear sliding shorts under athletic appearal for sports such as baseball or softball mostly without underwear but it's optional

Why do teen girls wear shorts under sweatpants?

no one whos

Should you wear shorts under your dresses?

Only if your in elementary school. If your uncomfortable with a dress you have and feel its too short then don't wear it. i dont think you should wear shorts under a dress once you hit a certain age.

What to wear for a bouncy castle event?

You should wear something comfortable, like sweat pants or shorts. Do not wear a dress or a skirt. If you want to wear a dress or a skirt put shorts or leggings on under it.

What do the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders wear under their shorts?

spandex, best guess..

Are you suppossed to wear underwear under compression shorts?

Yes! you should it is better

What to wear under biker shorts?

Nothing, wearing boxers isn't comfortable.

What is do you wear to your mates disco?

try and wear a long top with either shorts or leggings or jeggings or you could wear tights under the shorts or a strapless dress from are storefrom BHS clothing comany

What should you do if your 11-year-old daughter doesn't wear underwear under a short skirt?

Don't let her wear skirts or make her wear shorts or leggings under skirts otherwise you could buy skorts(skirt with built in shorts) for her.

In Fullmetal Alchemist under Ed's shorts does he wear another pair of black shorts or does he have black legs?

Neither - they're shadows.

Does la roux wear shorts?

No - she probably doesn't wear shorts.