What to take on a ski trip?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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Best Answer need snow pants,jacket,gloves,hat)tuquike,scarf,boots

2.underneath all that you need long sleeved shirt,warm sweater, thermals,thermal socks,sweat pants or comfy pants or jeans but jeans are not very comfy,hair up in a pony tail if you can.


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When going skiing, be sure to pack:


-Turtleneck sweaters (NEVER HOODIES)




-Gloves (Preferably Leather because they last)

-Knee Socks

-Hand/Foot Warmers


-Skis And Poles



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Bring warm clothes to wear, warm jacket, warm mittens or gloves, ski helmet, ski goggles, ski boots, ski socks, waterproof ski pants or bibs, ski poles, sunscreen for high altitude skiing, swim suit for the hot tub, chap stick for your lips, and a credit card to buy what you forgot. Buy lift tickets in advance on line; they are usually cheaper that way. If going to high elevations, take it easy the first day while you acclimate; you will be short of breath. Trail mix for snacking would be good too.

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You would bring skis

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Q: What to take on a ski trip?
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