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You say "hey guys want to play soccer"

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Q: What to say when you want to go play soccer with your friends?
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How do you say do you want to in Spanish?

"¿Quieres..." do you want to play soccer?.... ¿quieres jugar fútbol?

How do you say plays as in soccer in spanish?

jugar is used to say play sport. If your trying to say "to play soccer" you would say "jugar futbol(soccer in spanish)"

Can you do ecstasy and play soccer?

For fun, yes...competitively, no. If you are on e, people will know you are on drugs. Trust me when I say that playing soccer is the last thing you will want to do while rolling!

How do you say 'to play soccer' in French?

To play soccer is "jouer au foot / au football" in French.

You are a really good soccer goalie but you play hockey to and you have to quit one but if you quit hockey you will lose lots of friends?

Well all i can say is that you should play which ever one you like the best. And if you do quit hockey then maybe you could make new friends playing soccer. hope i helped a little :)

How do you say i play soccer in serbian?

You say it "Ja igram fudbal"

How do you say practise sports in spanish?

I play Soccer: Juego Futbol He/She plays soccer: Juegue Futbol To Play soccer: Jugar Futbol

How do you say how to play in Chinese?

It depends. If you want to say "play basketball" for example, you say da lanqiu. The da (forth tone) means to hit. If you want to say "play soccer" for example, you say ti zuqiu. The ti (third tone, I think) means to kick. It is different again for play music, play board games etc. Check the link for a good website to find exactly what you are looking for.

How do you tell if your a poser?

Say if you wore a soccer signature shirt but you don't play soccer and you tell everyone that your the best player on the team, then your a poser. If you tell all your home friends your the popular est girl in school but your really not then your a poser.

How do you say me and my friends like to play soccer in Spanish?

A Mi Y Mis Amigos Nos Gusta Jugar Futbol

Is soccer more physical then basketball?

soccer coz you have to play the full 90 minutes, 1 break

How do you say i want to play soccer in spanish?

"Quiero jugar fútbol"Note that in countries where spanish is spoken "fútbol" means soccer, not football (as in American Football) although the pronunciation is the same