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Sand is usually used.

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Q: What to fill a leaking portable basketball goal with it's filled with water now?
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What is a Real life example of air taking up space?

Basketball Submarine floating on water a car tire filled with air your lungs filled with air

Can a basketball sink under water?

Basketballs are filled with air, and won't sink w/o some serious help.

To protect the environment under what conditions may portable has tanks be filled?

Gasoline spills contaminate drinking water and harm aquatic life. When filling your boats portable gasoline tank, always fill the tank on the shore

I hear water in the passenger side of dashboard of my 1995 Honda civic?

Water in the passenger side of the dashboard means the evaporator core is leaking. This needs to fix quickly as it will cause the inside of the car to be filled with water.

What makes water stay in water balloons?

Water balloons are usually made of a material that is impermeable to water, such as latex or rubber. When filled with water, the material stretches to contain the water and creates a seal that prevents it from leaking out. The elasticity of the material allows the balloon to expand as it is filled with water, while maintaining its shape to hold the water in place.

Leaking coolant from water outlet?

Your engine may have a leaking hose connection or a leaking gasket at the water outlet. It could also be a leaking hose.

Are there any health concerns with portable water tanks?

Anything that is portable carries a risk for health concerns. A portable water tank is one of them. Usually, water tanks that are not portable can be hooked up to a filtration system that can remove the pollutants from the water.

My car is leaking water?

Typically, if your car is leaking water it has to do with the air conditioning system. This simply usually means the condensation is leaking from the AC.

Are dams fresh water filled or salty water filled?

Fresh water filled.

What does portable means in spanish?

to be able to move it... agua portable / water that can be taken to drink portable or portable computer / laptop

What kinds of portable exercise equipment is good for traveling to a hotel?

Some items that are good portable exercise equipment are the rubber resistance bands and the cotainers that can be filled with water and used and dumbbells. Or you can bring tennis shoes to walk around in the hotel or surroundings or just jog in place in your room.

How do you tell if your valve stem is leaking?

Put water in it and if it leaks ..... its leaking. A DUUUUUHHHHHHHHH!