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well i am a soccer player and u should eat either banana, pretzels, or crackers

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Q: What to eat at halftime in soccer?
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How long is halftime in a soccer match?

The halftime is 15 minutes long.

How long is a soccer halftime?

A soccer halftime occurs in between 2 45-minute halves and it lasts 15 minutes. However because of the wide variety of people playing soccer you might also encounter a 10-minute halftime as well.

How long is a professional soccer halftime?

after 45 mins.

Is there a half time in soccer?

Yes there is halftime in soccer anywhere from 10 to 45 minutes

Can a person take a break while playing soccer?

only in halftime

Do pro soccer games have breaks?

No. They have one halftime for 15 minutes.

How many times does a soccer referee blow the whistle for halftime and for the end of game?

twice for halftime. 3 times for the end of the game.

In soccer scoring what are the numbers in parenthesis beside the actual score?

The scores at halftime.

How is a soccer game replayed if it gets rained out at halftime?

Soccer games don't get cancelled for weather. Youtube "Rapid Porto" for an example.

How many minutes are in a soccer halftime break?

depends on how long the game is, usually 10 to 15 min.

What is halftime in soccer?

Where teams have a break and switch sides during a game. Usually 15 minutes these days.

Can soccer goal keepers be substituted midmatch before halftime?

Goalkeepers can be substituted any time in a match.

What do pro football players eat at halftime during a game?


In soccer What is the pass used to start play at the beginning of a game at halftime and after a goal has been made?

It is called the kick-off.

How many timeouts are allowed in a football match?

No time outs are allowed in soccer but there is halftime. In younger leagues there is 4 quarters.

Are soccer games two parts?

American soccer games usually have two halves, and in the middle of the game, there is a halftime for players to take a break, get some water, etc. Hope this helped!

How many time outs in a professional soccer game?

there are no timeouts in soccer except for halftime which is when you discuss how to make the next plays for the half, and you discuss how you did the last half etc. that's why soccer is hard because of nonstop running and no timeouts

How long is a soccer match half time?

This is the schedule of a soccer/football game: 45 minute playing time 15 minute halftime 45 minute playing time Injury time

How long is a World Cup soccer game?

A World Cup Football match is 90 minutes of playtime, with a 15 minute halftime break.

How long is halftime in NFL?

Halftime is aproximatly 15 minutes.

When was Halftime in America created?

Halftime in America was created in 2012.

How long is NFL halftime?

Halftime is aproximatly 15 minutes.

How long is halftime NFL?

Halftime is aproximatly 15 minutes.

What do soccer players eat?

They eat their food from their country

Eat before a soccer game?

Eat health