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Your next move must take the king out of check, either by moving him out of threat, by blocking it with another piece, or by taking the attacking piece. A king cannot castle out of check.

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Q: What to do if your king is put in check?
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Can you put a king in checkmate when your king is in check?

In chess, when your king is in check, you need to immediately take it out of check. You can only put the other king in checkmate if it involves taking your king out of check.

Can a pawn check a king?

Yes, a pawn can put a king into check.

Which pieces can check in chess?

Any piece can put a King in check, except another King. To put another King into check would mean the King is putting itself in check so that would be an illegal move. But a King can contribute to a checkmate, an opposing King could not move next to it because that would put itself into check.

Can a king put another king in check?

No. A King cannot move in a way that puts itself into check. By trying to put another king in check, it would also be putting itself into check. So it would be an illegal move.

Can a king put the other king in check?

No , the king cannot directly check the opposing king himself, since this would place the first king in check.

Can the king kill the queen if the king is in check?

yes as long as killing the queen will not put you in check

Can a king kill in check?

Yes, as long as that attack doesn't put the king in check again.

Can you put your apponent' s king in check with your own king?

No , the move is an illegal one because the King cannot move into check .

Can a king kill a pawn in chess?

Absolutely, as long as it does not put the king in check.

Can king move without check?

The king can move at any time as long as the square it goes to does not put it in check. If the king were to be put into check, it has three options: 1) Move from the square to a square where it isn't put in check. 2) Block the check with another piece (unless the attacking piece is a knight). 3) Capture the attacking piece.

Can you put the chess king in check mate?

No, you cannot move your king into a position where it is in checkmate.

What chess piece can put a king in check?

Any opponent piece, except the opponent king.