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6 Kentucky golden gloves titles.

2 National golden gloves.

Amateur athletic union title

Olympic gold medal at light heavyweight in 1960.

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Q: What titles did Muhammad ali win as amateur?
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How many championships did Muhammad ali win?

Three world titles and an NABF title.Additionally, as well as notably (before turning professional), Muhammad Ali's amateur accomplishments were exceptional! His highest moment as an amateur was winning the Gold Medal in the 1960 Summer Olympics in Rome.

What did Muhammad Ali sacrifice to win boxing titles?

sheep and flesh.

Where did Muhammad Ali win the light heavyweight titles?

he won it in rome

What titles did Muhammad Ali win?

Ali is the Former 3 Time Heavyweight Champion of the World and he won several Titles. Their all listed on the following web sites.

How many medals did Muhammad Ali win before 18 years old?

Cassius Clay (as he was then) won six Kentucky golden gloves titles, two national Golden Gloves titles, an amateur athletic union national Title, and the light heavyweight gold medal in the 1960 rome olympics. Clay's amateur record was 100 wins with five losses.

How many world championships did Muhammad ali win?

Muhammad Ali won 56 bouts.

When did Muhammad ali first win the championship?

Muhammad Ali won his first title in 1964, he was 22.

Who would win MrT or Ali?

Muhammad ali of course is this a joke ?

Interesting facts about Muhammad Ali?

Muhammad ali is 6 ft. 3 in Ali's win-lose record is 56-5.

How many titles did Ali win?

He won 3 Heavyweight Titles as a Pro.

How Amy medals did Muhammad Ali win what was Ali's last fight?


What year did Muhammad ali win his first boxing match?

He won his first professional fight in 1960 and his first amateur fight aroun 1952 aged around 10.

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