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Q: What time will they start playing tennis tonight?
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Why are tennis players so fit?

Because playing Tennis is exercise. If playing Tennis is what they do all the time, then they will be very fit.

What is the Average playing time in tennis match?

Two hours and 41 minutes is the average playing time in men's singles tennis match.

Does Dallas Cowboys play tonight?

there playing now against the packers.......

Can tennis be considered a life-time sport?

Yes it can.You can start playing as a young child and then adjust the level of your play throughout your life.

What time do the 2013 Oscars start tonight Central Time?

Tonight at 7:00 pm.

What time do Coldplay start tonight at emirates?


What time does glee start tonight?

Glee is not on today

What time does the world series start tonight?


What time does the Tennessee Alabama game start tonight?

7 Oclock

Why is wade not playing tonight for the Miami Heat?

I don't know when 'tonight' is or was, but the last time he didn't play, he had a knee injury.

What do Chinese children do in their spare time?

chinese in their spare time like playing ping pong otherwise known as table tennis and playing with their friends

What time does America's got talent start tonight?

8 PM Central Time

What time today does the season Spring start?

At 7:21 tonight

How much time could you spend practicing tennis?

it is recommended for a tennis player to spend two hours continously playing tennis a day. but for pros, they normally practise two times a day.

How do you choose the right tennis racket as a beginner tennis girl?

Maybe you can choose the middle price tennis racket for the first stage,with your exercise time increasing you will find your style of playing tennis,then know what performance the racket should have.

What did Amelia Earhart do in her free time?

She enjoyed riding horses and also playing tennis.

What time does shabbat start in deal new jersey tonight?

Friday at sundown

What time will the lunar eclipse start tonight in Virginia?

I live in Alabama and the lunar eclipse start at 2 am so maybe its the same time or you can look at the local news .

What time does the NASCAR Bud Shootout start tonight?

8:00 P.M. Eastern Standard Time

What time does the Brit awards start at the o2 tonight?

08:00 pm on ITV1

Where is a good place to start taking tennis lessons?

On the website, they offer a series of video tennis lessons that can teach you the basic to become a full time tennis master. Also another website is that also provides classes for tennis.

What can you do outside or inside when your bored?

get some friends and I like to spend my time playing tennis or rune with friends.

What time does Rod Stewart come on stage at the O2 London?

what time does rod stewart concert start at the o2 tonight

What time do the 2012 Oscars start tonight?

What time do the 2012, oscars start tonite? The 2012 oscars start tonite at 5:30! Hope that helped! - : ) Thanks

Why are people addicted to the Wii?

People are addicted to the wii because it is fun and you are exercising when you play it, like when you play tennis it is like you are playing tennis in real life and you are exercising at the same time.