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It usually starts in the spring and goes through the summer; but, sometimes, it's all year long.

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Q: What time of the year does softball start?
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What year did the American Softball Association start?

The Amateur Softball Association was founded in 1933

What year did southeastern conference softball start?


What time of year is fast pitch softball played?

Depends on where you live. In the south we start playing in February and end around November.

Did women start the game of softball?

no the first set of people to start softball are men

What time of year do you play rounders?

Usually in the summer or any other time you play baseball or softball.

What year did softball come to the us?

1887 is the year softball came to america

When does a softball season start?

Early February maybe depending on what team u r on mine is all year round!

What is the fastest time of running the bases in softball?

My 13 year old daughter ran the bases in 13.2 seconds. Is that a good time?

When softball invented?

Softball started in Chicago on Thanksgiving Day in the year 1887.

What year did daylight saving time start in Nebraska?

What year did daylight savings time start in Nebraska?

How many players are needed in a softball field at a time?

9 players are required to start a softball game. That would be one fielder playing every position. Also there needs to be an opposing team to bat against the defense.

The word softball dates back to what year?

1931 when softball was created by maxwell jenkins

How do you start a game of softball?

Some games start with a toss coin, others depends on where the teams are playing. For officiating softball starts when umpire shouts "Play Ball!"

How many player on the field in softball?

There are nine players at a time on the field for fastpitch softball and ten for slow pitch softball

What does softball mean in the olyympics?

they canceled it this year because only a couple countries played it and America won every time

When did women start playing softball?


When did crystl bustos start softball?


In what year did softball get its name?

According to "The term "softball" didn't come about until 1926."

When is softball on in the Olympics?

it is on every summer Olympics. next year they r not having softball in the Olympics

Does Texas Christian have a softball program?

Unfortunately, no. Hopefully they will adopt softball within the next year or two. I would LOVE to play softball at TCU!

When does Cal play in the women's super regional softball tournament?

each year in the NCAA Softball year the is the world series CAL might not be included each year!! Sorry

How far does an average 10 year old hit a softball?

An average 10 year old girl hits a softball about 15 to 25 feet.

What age did Jenny Finch start to play softball?

Jennie started playing softball at the age of five, and started pitching at the age of eight.

What year was softball invented?


What year was softball created?