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Lakers tickets for the 2008-09 regular season go on sale on October 4th at 10am(pst)through Ticketmaster

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The NBA tends to try to push out tickets right near the late spring or early summer. These tickets can even be sold earlier if found through the franchise or team affiliates.

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Q: What time of the year do NBA tickets go on sale?
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How much will 2010 NBA all-star weekend tickets would cost everything like rookie challenge all-star Saturday etc?

The costs change each year. Check the official NBA website when the All-Star game tickets are for sale.

How many free tickets does an nba player get per year?

as many as they want

Can I buy NBA basketball tickets online?

Yes, you can for sure order NBA basketball tickets online. Ticketmaster has NBA tickets at

When do 2010 NBA all star game tickets go on sale?

NBA All Star Game Tickets - The 2011 NBA All Star Game will be held at the Staples Center, Los Angeles, California. Get ready to pay a little more, if you are a die hard NBA fan, you will be able to find tickets on Ebay as well as Craigslist. Just expect to pay more than the face value of the tickets.

Where can you comparison shop for cheap Suns tickets online?

The National Basketball Association team, Phoenix Suns, have tickets for sale online at websites such as the official NBA website, Stubhub, Ticketmaster, Tickets Now, and TicketCity. At these websites, prices can be compared to determine the best value.

What is the cost of front roll NBA tickets?

A lot of people go to see the NBA. All the tickets are very pricy, especially the front roll ones. If you want to buy front roll NBA tickets, be prepared to pay a lot.

Where can one order Los Angeles Lakers tickets?

The NBA website has tickets available for all of the NBA teams. Ticketmaster also sells Laker's tickets. StubHub is a good place to buy and sell tickets online.

When will NBA live 10 go on sale?

It is already out and on sale.

What was the price of NBA Finals tickets in 1962?


What ticket vendor in New Orleans offers NBA tickets?

The NBA's website offers online ticket sales, but there are other vendors like Web tickets, ticket liquidator or Coast to coast tickets which sell online

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