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Saturday 22nd May ko 1945 (UK time) 2045 CET venue Madrid.

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Q: What time is 2010 champions league final?
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What time does the 2009 Champions League Final kick off in EST?

the Final kick off 19/3/2010 at 13:30.

What time does champions league final kick off?

2045 in munich

What time does the 2012 champions league final start?

Champions League Finals 2012 start time is at 19:45 GMT / 2:45 ET.

When is the 2010 2011 Champions League Final Ball Unveiled?

i saw it in my local store white/blue and uses the grip n groove thingy lk the jabulani The white/blue ball the previous answer refers to is the 2010/11 champions league ball and has been out for some time, the Champions League FINAL Ball is differant, in previous years the Final Ball was released mid-March so I assume it will be the same this year

Which football team overturned a 3-0 half time score to win champions league final in 2005?

The Liverpool it was who completed the greatest comeback in Champions League Final history.

When was the last champions league German final?

This question may refer to the last 1) Germany hosted Champions League final or 2) The last time 2 German teams played in the final. 1) In 2012, Munich hosted the Champions League final, which is the last time a Germany city hosted it. 2) In 2013, Borussia Dortmund and Bayern played the final, which is the last time 2 germans played in the final.

What time is kick off in rome for champions league final?

11:45 gmt

What time is kick off in New Zealand for Champions League Final?

0645 nzst

What happens if Chelsea are drawing after full time in Champions league final 2012?

they will go to extra time :P

What was the score in the champions league final 2008?

The 2008 UEFA Champions League Final was won by Manchester United 6-5 on penalties (1-1 after extra time), at the Luzhniki Stadium, Moscow on 21-May-2008.

When was the last time there was not a british team in the champions league?

That was very recently!. Infact the last time there werent any English teams in the Champions League final was in 2014 when it was contested by Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid.

When was the last goal in 1999 champions league?

The last goal of the legendary 1999 champions league final was scored in the 3rd minute of inury time. It was scored by Ole Gunnar Solskjaer.

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