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There are a couple Bowling centers in Albemarle, NC.

Contact Spare Time Lanes & Lounge or Strike Zone Bowlng Ctr

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Q: What time does the bowling center in Albemarle NC open?
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Where are the open play rates at Hoebowl Bowling Center?

Prices can vary depending on the day and time of day as well as the center you bowl at.

What time does the bowling center close in Kona HI?

KB XTreme is open daily from 9 am to 12 am

What time is open bowling?

Open bowling is either before or after league bowling. Call ahead before going to the bowling alley.

What time do bowling alleys generally open?

Bowling alleys usually open at 9 o clock in the morning.

What time is olivette bowling alley open?

8 am

What time is amf bowling open to?

It depends on the center. The center in Louisiana opens at 9 a.m. everyday & closes at 1 a.m. (Sunday -Thursday) & 2 a.m. on Fridays & Saturdays.

What time does jersey lanes bowling ends?

The closing and opening times for a bowling center can vary depending on the day and time of the year.

What are the prices for skyline lanes bowling?

The prices for bowling will vary at each center based on the time of day and day.

How much did bowling cost in 2000?

It depends on which center, day and time.

How much does it cost to bowl?

The price of bowling will vary depending on the center, day, time and if bowling shoes are needed for renting.

Why is Monday the best day to go bowling?

The best day to go bowling is subjective to a number of things, such as the day of the week, time of day, time of year, the center schedule, etc. So while Monday at noon may be a great time to go bowling at one center another center may be closed until 4 pm.

How much are bowling prices on Sunday?

It will depending on the center you visit as well as the time of year or time of day.

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