What time does the auburn vs louidiana tech game start?

Updated: 10/22/2022
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The Auburn VS Louisiana game starts at 7 the pregame starts at 3. This is a football game. The Auburn and Louisiana game starts at 7 in the afternoon. The pre-game starts at 3.

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Q: What time does the auburn vs louidiana tech game start?
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What bowl game will auburn play in 2012?

the kick bowl aurburn all the the way

What is Auburn University's football record against Virginia Tech?

Through the 2008 season, Auburn and Virginia Tech have met 5 times in football with Auburn leading the all time series 3-1-1.

Who won the Sugar Bowl in 2005?

Auburn beat Virginia Tech 16-13.

What was the lowest scoring football game in auburn's history?

0 points. Auburn played scoreless ties against Georgia Tech (1893 and 1923), Sewanee (1897), Georgia (1899, 1901, 1911, 1914, and 1937), Tulane (1902, 1936, 1937, and 1938), Maryville (1906), Ohio State (1917), Clemson (1923), Virginia Tech (1924), and Villanova (1937).

When was the last time La Tech beat Alabama?

On 18th September 1999, La Tech beat Alabama in Birmingham by a score of 29-28.

When has auburn university won the sugar bowl?

1984 over Michigan and 2005 over Virginia Tech.

What is Auburn University's football record against UAB and what years have they played?

According to College Football Data Warehouse, Auburn and USC have met three times (1987, 2002, 2003) and Auburn has lost twice and USC has won twice. Source:

What was Auburn football 1957 schedule?

09-28-1957: Auburn 7, Tennessee 0 10-05-1957: Auburn 40, Tennessee-Chattanooga 7 10-12-1957: Auburn 6, Kentucky 0 10-19-1957: Auburn 3, Georgia Tech 0 10-26-1957: Auburn 48, Houston 7 11-02-1957: Auburn 13, Florida 0 11-09-1957: Auburn 15, Mississippi St. 7 11-16-1957: Auburn 6, Georgia 0 11-23-1957: Auburn 29, Florida St. 7 11-30-1957: Auburn 40, Alabama 0

Who is the last regular season undefeated SEC football team?

The Auburn Tigers were the last SEC team to go undefeated. They went 11-0 in the reg season on their way to defeating Tennessee in the SEC championship game, then Virginia Tech in the Sugar Bowl. Auburn was snubbed by the BCS and passed over to play in the National Title game in favor of USC and Oklahoma who both also had undefeated regular season.

What was the score for the 2007 Clemson-Carolina game?

The 2001 Orange Bowl, played January 3, 2001 was won by Oklahoma over Florida State by the score of 13-2.

Who won the game between Texas tech and Texas am?

Texas Tech

Did auburn university football team go undefeated in 2004?

yes they won the sec championship and went to the sugar bowl and beat Virginia tech