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To give a correct answer I would need to know where in the usa are we talking about, and where in Australia.These two countries alone have eight different time zones between them,considering there only twenty four in the world,thats a sizeable chunk.When I answered the question"what time is it in melbourne",I gave the simple formula for calculating the time anywhere in the world.Look up that specific Q&A.

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The kickoff for Super Bowl XLV at Cowboys Stadium is scheduled for 6:29 p.m. ET on Sunday, February 6, 2011. In Melbourne, the time will be 10:29 a.m. on Monday, February 7.

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Q: What time does the Super Bowl start in Australian time?
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What time does Super Bowl XLV start in Australian time?

It will start either 9:00 AM or 9:30 AM on February 7, 2011.

What time does Super Bowl Super Bowl XLVII start?

6:30 pm et

What time does super bowl 43 kickoff?

Despite what you'll read elsewhere, Super Bowl 2009 kickoff will probably be a little after 6:30 PM Eastern Standard Time. As we saw last year, different official sites list different official kickoff times. * NBC, which is broadcasting the game, writes clearly "kickoff 6:00 PM" -- but they do have an interest in getting people to tune in early. * The NFL's site is counting down to 6:20, and this is the time that most websites are using as official. * The Super Bowl 2009 hosting committee lists kickoff time as "approximately 6:28" though the countdown on their site is counting down to 6:00. Last year, FOX (which was broadcasting the game) announced kickoff for 6:17, the NFL said 6:18, and the site hosting the Super Bowl said 6:30. Actual kickoff was 6:32. So if you'd like to hear some of Journey's performance, Jennifer Hudson singing the National Anthem, and catch some of the pre-game hype, turn on your sets by 6. But don't expect the game to actually start before 6:30. Quick additional tidbits: * Date: February 1, 2009 * Location: Tampa, Florida * Teams: Pittsburgh Steelers & Arizona Cardinals * National Anthem: Jennifer Hudson * Halftime: Bruce Springsteen * Super Bowl Number: 43 (XLIII)

What were the Past Super Bowl start times?

The Super Bowl games start at different times depending on the time zone, etc.

What time did 1967 Super Bowl start?

Super Bowl I started at 1pm Pacific; 4pm Eastern.

What time does Super Bowl start in Utah?

The Super Bowl kickoff is at 4:25 PM MST.