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3:00 p.M

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Q: What time does community shield kick off?
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What is the kick off time for the FA Cup final 2009?

The kick-off time is 3 p.m. in England. (In fact, the kick-off time is always at 3 p.m., GMT.)

What time is kick off for soccer aid 2012?

19:30 is kick off

What is the kick off time for the cis cup final 2009?

what is the kick off time for the cis cup final 2009?

What time did the 1967 NFL Championship Game kick off?

the Scheduled kick off time was 1:05 pm CST.

What time does kick off start?


When is the kick-off time for England v Germany?

The progrmamme is on BBC1 and starts at 3.00, however, i think you'll find that the kick-off time is 3.30. Hope this is correct. :)

What is the Kick off time for the Carling Cup Final in 2009?

3pm Kick Off! See the Related Link below for more information.

What time does the 2009 Champions League Final kick off in EST?

the Final kick off 19/3/2010 at 13:30.

What is kick off time for the super bowlCentral time?

5:18 PM

What time is super bowl kick off in Texas?

5pm Central time.

When is the best time to kick the ball in monkey kick off?

when it is above the monkey. It may not work sometimes.

What is the Super Bowl kick off time in Europe?

1;30 am