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Q: What time do the killers come on stage in their us tour?
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What time do the killers come on stage on there UK tour?


Did Bruce Dickinson sing on the killers tour?

No, Killers tour followed Killers album when Paul DiAnno was singer of Iron Maiden.

What time do take that come on stage in their 2009 arena tour?

I have been told doors open at 4pm support acts start at 6pm and Take That come on at 8.30pm

Are the Killers doing a 2010 tour?

They did tour during 2010, yes.

Who is the killers tour manager?

Jeremy Bates

What time does Britney Spears take the stage on her Femme Fatale Tour?

The shows start at 7:00Pm but Britney doesnt come out until 9:15Pm :)

When will the next Killers tour take place?

The next Killers tour to take place in two thousand thirteen is across Europe, and the next Killers concert is to take place in Italy, in the city called Lucca.

Who is supporting the killers in the 2009 UK tour?


Where could one find tour dates for The Killers?

If you are interested in finding tour dates for the band The Killers then you will find several websites available. Ticketmaster, The Killers official website, and StubHub are just a few of the websites that provide information.

Who is the opening band for the killers 2009 tour?

i think m83

Are the Killers still performing?

Yes, and as of 19/5/09, they are on tour.

What are the release dates for Natural Born Killers - 2009 Tour of Duty 1-8?

Natural Born Killers - 2009 Tour of Duty 1-8 was released on: USA: 21 January 2010