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today and it's already started

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Q: What time do the athletes enter the stadium today?
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How do you enter your pet into webkinz stadium?

Go to the webkinz stadium and find out when the next competition is. When it is that time, go back and click on enter my pet.

What time can you enter the Olympic Stadium for an event at 7pm?

i have tickets for an event starting at 2:30. Does anyone know what time can you enter ?

When did athletes march into the stadium during the opening ceremony for the first time?

1896 when the first modern Olympics were held.

Where and when was first time athletes marched into stadium behind their nations flag?

Back in Ancient Greek times there is evidence of flag bearing

How do you enter the pagent in Webkinz world?

You go to the Webkinz stadium, then you go to calendar and look up the dates and times of different pagents. Then once it reaches the time of the competition, you go back to the Webkinz stadium and enter your pet.

How do you know when the beauty pagent on webkinz world begins?

If you go to the webkinz stadium and look at the schedule in the corner you can click on that to see what time you should go there again to enter and when it is that time click on the enter button and it will take you to a preparing room and 30 minutes later the pageant will begin.

When was Time Warner Cable Stadium created?

Time Warner Cable Stadium was created in 2004.

What visiting player has the most hits in Yankee stadium?

This needs to be confirmed, but for a long time it was held by the late, great Mickey Vernon, who passed away today.

When was Gillette Stadium created?

In early 2006. The stadium opened in time for the Cowboys' 2009 season.

What was the name of the man who started the olympics for the second time?

German Archaeologists discovered the old stadium which gave Pierre De Coubertin an idea for the Modern Olympics or as we know them today

What percent of athletes stay fit in offseason?

Probably all of them! It is very important to stay fit all the time for pro athletes.

Famous athletes of 2007?

Some famous athletes of 2007 include Yao Ming and Tiger Woods. Other famous athletes in that time period include Arnold Palmer and Shaquille O'Neal.