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Atlanta Falcons football games are shown on both the Fox Sports Network and on the CBS Sports Network. Typically since Atlanta is in the NFC, their games will be broadcast on Fox Sports, though for the 2014 season, though CBS is airing three of the Falcons games.

September 18th vs. the Tampa Bay Buccaneers

November 23rd vs. the Cleveland Browns

December 14th vs. the Pittsburgh Steelers

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What time do the Atlanta Falcons play football t

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Q: What time do the Atlanta Falcons play today?
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When does Atlanta Falcons play San Francisco 49ers?

Most Falcons games take place on Sunday @ 1:00 East Coast Time. If it is ever a home game in Atlanta, it is always played in the Georgia Dome.

When was the last time the packers lost to the falcons?

The last time the Green Bay Packers lost to the Atlanta Falcons was on November 28, 2010. The game was played in Atlanta and the final score was Green Bay 17, Atlanta 20.

Did Michael Vick ever play for the Seattle Seahawks?

No, Vick did not play for San Diego. He ( Vick ) was drafted out of college by Atlanta and played only for the Falcons up to the time of his arrest.Vick now plays for the Philadelphia Eagles.

Who is the Atlanta Falcons all time leading receiver?

Roddy White

How many times did the Pittsburgh Steelers beat the Atlanta Falcons?

Through the 2013 season, the Steelers have an all-time record of 12-2-1 versus the Atlanta Falcons.

What time does the Carolina Panthers play Sunday?

they play at 1 o clock at home against the Atlanta Falcons

When was the last time the Atlanta Falcons won a playoff game?

2004 vs the rams

What is the Atlanta Falcons vs Pittsburgh Steelers history?

The Atlanta Falcons have played the Pittsburgh Steelers 15 times in their history. The Steelers lead the all time series with a record of 12-2-1.

Who was the quarter back for the Atlanta Falcons the last time they played in the super bowl?

Chris Chandler.

When was the last time an NFL team scored only 2 points?

Well, today of course. The Falcons lost 24-2 to the Giants. Don't know the previous time.

When is last time Atlanta Falcons win the super bowl?

The Atlanta Falcons have never won a Super Bowl. In their only Super Bowl appearance in 1999, they lost to the Denver Broncos, 34-19.

What time is the ACTUAL kickoff for the 49ers vs Falcons today?