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Andrew Cole Nick Barmby Craig Bellamy Les Ferdinand Marcus Bent

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Stan collymore

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chris judd

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Q: What three players have scored for 6 premiership sides?
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Four players that scored a hatrick for three different team in the premiership?

Andy Cole Les Ferdinand Kevin Campbell Teddy Sheringham

Which 8 players have scored a goal playing for 5 different teams in the premiership?

Nicolas Anelka, Nick Barmby, Benito Carbone, Stan Collymore, Mark Hughes, Teddy Sheringham, Chris Sutton and Ashley Ward. Meanwhile, three players have scored for six Premiership clubs (so really it's 11 players who've scored for five): Marcus Bent, Andy Cole and Les Ferdinand.

Which premiership player has played for three premiership teams and only scored only two goals?


Six Premiership players who have scored for four different current Premiership clubs?

Peter Crouch Nicolas Anelka Craig Bellamy Kevin Kilbane Kevin Phillips Boudewijn Zenden I'm entirely sure about the second three though....

Who are the top three foreign players with the most appearances in the English premiership?

mark schwarzer, george boetang, Dwight yorke

Did yakubu aiyegbeni ever since his signing by some English clubs scored a three goals in a match in any English premiership league match?


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Four players have won three or more titles and have scored 2500 points: Michael Jordan, Shaquille O'Neal, Kareem Abdul Jabar and John Havelicek.

What three players have scored 3 hat-tricks for 3 different clubs in the Premiership?

Kevin Campbell, Les Ferdinand and Teddy Sheringham have each scored a hat trick for 3 different teams. Kevin Campbell has done this for Arsenal, Everton and Nottingham Forest. Les Ferdinand has scored them for QPR, Tottenham and Newcastle, whilst Teddy Sheringham managed the feat for Tottenham, Manchester United and Portsmouth.

When was Scottish Premiership Division Three created?

Scottish Premiership Division Three was created in 1973.

Three Canadian world junior players have scored hat tricks for team Canada who are they?

any help out here

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