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Q: What three players did nolan Ryan strike out the most?
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Who did nolan Ryan strike out?

Baseball players.

How many people did Ryan Nolan strike out?


How many strike outs did nolan ryan?


How meny batters did nolan Ryan strike out?


Who has record of pitching the most strike outs?

Nolan Ryan

What baseball pitcher is established as the Strike Out Champion?

Nolan Ryan

How many people did Nolan Ryan strike out in his career?


Did nolan Ryan strike out bo Jackson?

Nolan Ryan did strike out Bo Jackson, and on multiple occasions at that. Jackson had a total of 4 hits in 20 at bats against Ryan, 2 of them homers, in his career, but also had 12 strikeouts.

Who held strike outs in a season record before nolan Ryan?

Steve carlton

What is Ryan nolan's nicknmae?

"Ryan's Express" was Nolan Ryan's nickname.

What was Nolan Ryan's nickname?

Nolan Ryan's nickname was "The Ryan Express."

Famous players from the angels baseball team?

Nolan Ryan, Mike Trout, Vadlimir Guerrero.