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mariners, nationals, rangers

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Q: What three major league baseball teams never made it to the world series?
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What major league baseball team has never been to the world series?

Texas rangers

What 3 major league baseball teams have never lost a world series?

Toronto ,Tampa Bay, Houston

How many females have played Major League Baseball?

None, there has never been a female player in Major League baseball.

What are only major league baseball teams to not play in a World Series?

The Mariners and Nationals are the only two teams left to never have made a world series appearance.

Has there been female Major League baseball players?

No there has never been a female Major League player.

When did Stacie B Collins play with the Atlanta Braves?

Judging from the name "Stacie" she is a girl. Girls have never and will never play in Major League Baseball. They did have a girls baseball league during WWI. But that's not considered major league.

What is the oldest major league baseball team to never win a world series?

The oldest Major League Baseball team to never win a World Series is the Texas Rangers. The Rangers, originally known as the Washington Senators, have been in operation since 1961, but have yet to win a World Series title.

What city never had a Major League Baseball team?

boise Idaho

Who are the only major league teams never to go to the world series?

Washington nationals

Major league team never to make World Series?

One major league team never to make the World Series is the Montreal Expos, which now play as the Washington Nationals. The other two are the Texas Rangers and Seattle Mariners.

How many Major League baseball teams have never been to the World Series and what teams are they?

After this year there is only ONE active MLB team that's NEVER appeared in a World Series... That team is The SEATTLE MARINERS (Only team that's never won their Pennant)

Was there ever a major league baseball franchise named the Deep Blues?

No, never.