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Three Major League Baseball teams that are named after birds are the Baltimore Orioles, the Toronto Blue Jays, and the Saint Louis Cardinals.

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Q: What three baseball teams are named after birds?
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How many current baseball teams have birds for their team name?

Three: The Baltimore Orioles, the St. Louis Cardinals and the Toronto Blue Jays.

What are the top three teams in America?

Football,Basketball and Baseball

What eastern state had three baseball teams in 1952 and two teams in 1995?

ask the techer

What three NFL teams are named after their state?

Arizona Cardinals, Tennessee Titans, and Minnesota Vikings.

What US city has three professional sport teams with the name of a bird?

Baltimore, Maryland has 3 professional sports teams with the name of a bird. The Baltimore Orioles, Baltimore Ravens, and Baltimore Nighthawks. Also, Atlanta, GA has 3 professional sports teams named after birds. The Hawks (NBA), Falcons(NFL), and Thrashers(NHL).

What three baseball teams don't end in s?

Red SoxWhite Sox?

Write three sentence using plurals correctly?

The birds sang together. There were three pieces of cheese on the sandwich. The boys were both mascots for their teams.

Name three birds?

what is the name of three hawaiian birds

How many baseball teams are associated with the Texas Rangers?

Three. The Texas Rangers are in the west division along with three other teams. The Oakland Athletics, The Los Angeles Angles of Anaheim, and the Seattle Mariners.

Who are the three MLB baseball teams with at least 15 no hitters?

Dodgers, White Sox and Red Sox

What three major league baseball teams never made it to the world series?

mariners, nationals, rangers

What major league baseball teams don't have mascots?

There are only three teams...The Chicago CubsThe New York YankeesThe Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim

How long is a inning in a baseball game?

depends the time varies but an inning is finished when both teams get three outs

When did jimmy key start to play baseball?

Well he played for three teams well he started to play in 1984

What are the individual names of the three blue birds from angry birds?

The individual names of the three blue birds from the Angry Birds are Jay, Jake, and Jim.

Three types of native birds that live in Florida?

three types of the birds are mocking birds, segous, and bald eagels.

Did the city of New York have three baseball teams in Major league baseball?

Yes, for a period of time it was the N.Y. Yankees, N.Y. Giants and the Brooklyn Dodgers.

How many National Baseball clubs play at home in the central time zone?

There are a total of three National League Baseball teams that play in the central time zone. These teams are the Milwaukee Brewers, Chicago Cubs and St. Louis Cardinals.

How many baseball teams did Babe Ruth play for?

Babe Ruth played for three Major League baseball teams. The Boston Red Sox 1914-1919, the New York Yankees 1920 -1934, and the Boston Braves in 1935.

What are the world's three largest birds?

The world's three largest birds are the ostrich, the emu and the cassowary.

When was Three Little Birds created?

Three Little Birds was created on 2008-06-10.

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What are three German football teams?

Three German teams are Bayern Munich, Wolfsburgh, Bayern Leverkussan, Schalke.

How do you figure out the playoff spots for baseball?

In MLB, in each league four teams make the playoffs ... the three division winners and the team that had the best record of all the other teams that did not win their division.