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Shoot, pass, or dribble

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Q: What three actions can you do out of a triple threat position?
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What is a triple threat in basketball?

A triple threat is when you are in a position to do three things. Those three things generally include shooting, passing, and driving in to the lane. The triple threat position is usually done from outside the key (giving you room to pass and drive in). It is a very common stance.The Triple Threat Position is a postition when you catch the ball and bend your knees so that you are protecting the ball. the Triple Threat is you can but up a shot, dribble, or pass from the position.

What three options do you have when you're in the triple threat position?

Shoot, pass, or dribble

What was the line-up for Georgia Tech's Triple Threat basketball Team?

The nickname wasn't Triple Threat it was Lethal Weapon 3. The three were Kenny Anderson, Dennis Scott and Brian Oliver.

What three reasons that the triple entente feared Germany?

because germany was a percieved threat

What is the definition of triple treat?

Someone or something that is a force to be reckoned with from three different angles. Such as a performer who is a good actor, a good singer, and a good dancer. He or she is a "triple threat".

What is a triple axel?

A triple axel is when you do a couple of backwards crossovers , then turn to forwards , and push your body up into the air , in a scratch spin position , for three and a half rotations , then you land in a check out position.

What is a gauntlet match?

It is triple Threat tag match where three people are in the ring at once. One person from each tag team

What does the term triple threat mean?

The triple threat is a basketball stance where you make any of three moves instead of just one. The term has come to mean anything that is massively powerful in a situation, such as an employee who can do many different jobs or a company that controls several different areas of business.

Identify three human actions that pose a threat to the everglades to the wetlands?

agriculture, development, and the introduction

What is the meaning of triple?

Consisting of three united; multiplied by three; threefold; as, a triple knot; a triple tie., Three times repeated; treble. See Treble., One of three; third., To make threefold, or thrice as much or as many; to treble; as, to triple the tax on coffee.

What three players were the L A Kings triple threat?

If you are referring to the old Triple Crown Line,they were Marcel Dionne, Dave Taylor and Charlie Simmer. The Kings are playing so badly these days I wouldn't call any of their players a threat, although some of their good young players such as Anze Kopitar and Dustin Brown may mature into NHL stars.

What are triple cousins?

Triple Cousins are three kids that look alike and like twins but three of the same and that are related

Is a triple threat an idiom?

No, because you can figure it out by the context. It's actually a basketball term, for a stance where you can make any of three different moves instead of just one. See the link for more.

What's a triple decker?

A three-story apartment building is often called a triple-decker; a sandwich with three pieces of bread is often called a triple-decker.

What are three human actions that pose a threat to the everglades?

i think the answer is marshes,swamps,and bogs?Im not compleley sure, you can search something else if its that important. Actually, that is the answer to "What are th three types of Freashwater wetlands."

Why does a triple beam balance have 3 beams?

Because triple means three.

Sharing of three pairs of electron is called?

A triple bond. A triple bond.

Was secretariat a three year old when won triple crown?

Yes. The Triple Crown races are for three year olds only.

What is tripling?

To triple is to multiply by three.

What is another word for three?

a triple

What are synonyms of three?

Thrice; triple

What are the three triple crowns in horse racing?

The "Triple Crown" is usually referring to the "Triple Crown of Thoroughbred Racing". There are three races: The Kentucky Derby, the Preakness Stakes and the Belmont Stakes.

Which three actions should be part of a regular computer preventive maintenance plan?

Which three actions should be part of a regular

What is triple three?

3 3 3... or three times three...(:

Why do people call Triple H Triple H?

triple h's nick name is triple h because his old name was hunter hearst helmsley and that was three h's and he became triple h

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