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This is somewhat of a large answer requirement. However, if you look at the IRB website there is a referees section there that can help. Some of the points to look for are

Is the field appropriate - size, markings, flags, posts.

Is there the correct number of players for each side

Are the teams wearing correct colours differences, accepted clothing and footwear

Is there safety equipment available in the event of incident either to officials or players

Are there competent touch judges - and do they know what the referee will expect of them

Are players aware of what the referee is expecting in certain situations i.e. the front row, safety and binding.

Who are the captains - as only the captain will question a decision - verbal confrontation from a player will be penalised and if necessary the player sent off.

Is the match ball and any replacements accepted according to IRB specification

Does the referee have 2 whistles and an accurate time piece to check timing and do the assistance have back up watches to help the referee

Red/Yellow cards and a pen

Is any body armour worn by any player in the regulated listing

The list goes on

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Q: What things are checked by the referee in a rugby match?
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When can the referee end a rugby match?

At 80 minutes or earlier under adverse circumstances.

Does a rugby union video referee need any qualifications?

Yes, a rugby union video referee is a qualified Rugby Union Referee.

Can a person with disability be permitted to be referee for rugby match?

That depends on the assessment of the capabilities of the disabled person by the coach and parents.

What are the functions of the linesmen in rugby?

They help the referee with offside decisions and signal a number of things, such as throw-ins and substitutions.

When was Ian Rogers - rugby referee - born?

Ian Rogers - rugby referee - was born in 1957.

How many officials are needed in order to play rugby match and name them?

3 - 1 Referee and 2 assistant referees as a minimum

How many refere in rugby?

at senior level (regional ) there is One referee and 2 assistant referees plus a TMO (TV match official) In non regional there is One referee and 2 assistant referees

In rugby what does TMO stand for?

T.M.O stands for Television Match Official. == ==

What technology is involved in rugby union?

The TMO (television match official) uses video footage to check tries or kicks at goal for the referee who is unsure whether it has been scored or not. Radio linked match officials Indirectly- development of the rugby balls, development of training aids, statistical data recovery, development of rugby shirts,

Who are the offcials in rugby?

There will be a referee and 2 assistant referees. In a premier league and senior games a citing official is used also and a TMO (Television match official)

Does the role of the referee change between rugby union and rugby league?

Technically No. The role of any referee in either code rugby code remains that same. However, rules are different of course

What is the national governing body for rugby?

One referee, 2 assistant referees and in pro levels there is also a TMO (Television Match Official)