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it is actually quite light i baught mine yesterday

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โˆ™ 2009-09-01 23:01:06
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Q: What the weight of a Mongoose Thrive 2010 BMX Bike?
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What is the best Mongoose bmx bike?

i would recommend the mongoose thrive

How much is a mongoose XR100 mountain bike cost?

A Mongoose Mountaiin Bike brand new at The Bicycle Shop cost $350 in 2010

What is the weight of the mongoose ravage freestyle bike?

about 65 lbs

What bike is better a razor bike or a mongoose bike?

I would say a mongoose

Is mongoose logo 2010 bmx bike a good bike?

All mongoose bmx are horrible! if you are looking for a good bmx bike look at Fit, kink, haro bmx bikes.

How much does a mongoose bike weight?

Mongoose make a full range of bikes, so their weights can be quite different.

How much does a mongoose mode 540 bike weight?

20 lbs

Is hyper bike better then mongoose?

Hyper bikes are better than mongoose bikes. If you are specifically asking about the hyper bike at Walmart. Yes, it is better than any mongoose! The weight is still a bit heavy. However it's a great starter bike for bmx! If your not sure your gonna like it or not. After a year we moved the kids up to redlines. If your looking for a bike for around town I would still recommend it over the mongoose!

What the weight of a Mongoose logo 2011 bmx bike?

26 lbs / 11.7 kg

What is better mongoose bike or Tony Hawk bike?


How tall is the mongoose rebel?

The Mongoose Rebel Is a 20" Freestyle Bmx Bike

Is a mongoose a bmx bike?


Is a Hoffman's bike better than a mongoose bike?

Well it depends on the year of the bike and what you are looking for. Older Mongoose ( pre-2000) were decent bikes. Now they arent that good so no doubt Hoffman is the better bike.

Did Tony Hawk make a mongoose bike?


What is the worst bmx bike?

mongoose and next

Is a mongoose outerlimit a bmx bike?


What is better pilgrim or mongoose?

in the past i have had quite a couple of mongoose bike but i thought to get a pilgrim and after just a couple of weeks of riding it it smashed the mongoose

Is mongoose a company or a type of bike?

It is a company. There are skates, skateboards, and more. Not a bike type.

What is the most popular brand of girl's bike?


How heavy is a mongoose spin bmx bike?

not that heavy

How do you replace the chain on a mongoose bike?

chain tool

What year was the mongoose rebel bike released?


Is a Mongoose bike better than a Tony Hawk bike?

They are pretty comparable, quality wise.

Is the Mongoose Culture 2011 BMX Bike good?

Yes its a fantastic bike and great for tricks

How much does a mongoose rebel Bmx bike weigh?