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a funeral home?

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Q: What the place where an undertaker works is called?
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Where is Undertaker's Death Valley?

There is a place called Death Valley in Florida, that is where the Undertaker comes from.

Either then wrestling what else does Undertaker do?

The Undertaker works in real estate and collects motorbikes

How can undertaker be masked Kane because the undertaker works for smackdown and masked Kane works for raw?

they could have easily done it, but the real fake Kane was Luke Gallows

What is The Undertaker's entry song?

The Undertaker's current entrance theme is called "Rest in Peace".

What is the undertaker's ministry song called?

its called ministry

Where does who invited the undertaker take place?

It takes place in Park Ridge, Illinois

Does the undertaker have a contract with vince?

Anyone who works for WWE or for the development territory have a contract

Who is the diva kelly kelly with?

The Undertaker May 2010 Kelly Kelly is not dating the Undertaker that would be Michelle McCool she has been with the Undertaker since his divorce. Kelly Kelly's boyfriend works for New Japan Wrestling.

How did undertaker lose at breaking point?

the ref called the bell even though undertaker didnt tap out

What was the undertaker's hometown called?

death valley

What is undertaker entrance song called?

my way

What is the American equivalent of an undertaker called?