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Q: What the crowd cheers at the French Open?
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What are the release dates for Cheers of the Crowd - 1935?

Cheers of the Crowd - 1935 was released on: USA: 5 August 1935

Where did you get cheerleading from?

They are the people who lead the crowd in cheers, thus, cheerleader.

French word for crowd?

The crowd is 'la foule' (fem.) in French.

Are points awarded for hitting the quarterback in CFL football?

No, but sometimes you get a lot of cheers from the crowd

What is the french word for crowd?

A crowd of people is une foule.

What is the French word for the English word crowd?

Crowd in French is:general usage- fouleIn regards to Sports- spectateurs

What is the french word for great sport?


What is the word for cheers in French language?


The crowd cheers when a player scores the winning goal during a soccer game?

emotional social action

How do you say crowd in French?


How do you give cheers in french?

A votre sante (To your health)

How do you say cheers with spirits in french?

encourager l'espirit