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Q: What the US bought this territory from Mexico for 10 million?
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Who bought Arizona and New Mexico from mexico for 10 million dollars?

James Gadsden (1788 - 1858).

What money bought US part of Mexico?

Just by canceling debt owed by Mexico. It was 10 million in 1853 dollars.

The strip of land in Arizona and New Mexico that was bought for 10 million was known as the?

Gadsden Purchase

Was New Mexico bought from Mexico?

partly, not really most of it was gained through the Mexican war and the remainder was "bought" through the Gadsden purchase for 10 million dollars

What strip of land in Arizona and New Mexico was bought for 10 million dollars?

It was bought so that America could further their Railroads

How was New Mexico purchased from Mexico?

Most of it was conquered from Mexico not bought, as a result of the Mexican War of 1846, the rest was I guess you could say "bought" through the Gadsden purchase for 10 million dollars.

The strip of land in Arizona and New Mexico that was bought for 10 million was known as the .?

Gadsden Purchase (1853)

Who purchased territory from Mexico for a rail road route for 10 million dollars?

James Gadsden (1788-1858) qualifies as such.

How did the us acquire Louisiana purchase territory?

They bought it off of the French who didnt really want the land they were going to ask the for just the port of louisiana for 10 million but instead the french offered them all of their territory in the new land for 15 million

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Only Mexico City (21.16 million) qualifies as such.

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What is a narrow strip of land in the southwest United states that was bought from Mexico for 10 million for a possible railroad route?

The Gadsden Purchase (1853), which included present-day southern New Mexico and Arizona, south of the Gila river.

Why was the Gadsden purchase necessary?

The Gadsden Purchase, in 1853, was a part of Northern Mexico that was bought from that country at a price of $10 million. The land was originally bought in order to have a transcontinental railway system built from New Orleans to the US west coast.

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What did the US pay 10 million for in 1853 from Mexico?

Because the Revolution War

How did the US gain Gadsden Purchase?

Paid Mexicans $10 million USD. There was also a threat in the background, Mexico knew that if they didn't sell the territory, the US would start another war agains them. With no choice the money was taken and the territory was stolen, with the excuse that it was purchased.

How did Mexicans lands in the west become part of the US?

Because the Mexico keep moving down and the westan are staying so they become to American. The United States paid $15 million to bought California and New Mexico, on 1853 the United States paid $10 million for the Gadsden Purchase a strip of land along the southern edge of present-day Arizona and New Mexico.

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What is a true statement about Mexico City?

Mexico City is the economic, political and cultural capital of the country of Mexico. It has 8 million people within the city proper, but the metropolitan area is home to more than 21 million people.

Why was New Mexico acquired?

New Mexico became a United States territory as a result of the Gadsden Purchase in 1854. The United States agreed to pay $10 million to Mexico for a 29,670 square mile are that later became New Mexico and part of Arizona. The land was purchased in order to build a railroad and help to resolve conflicts that still lingered after the end of the Mexican-American War.

Why did the US pay Mexico 15 million dollars?

The Treaty of Guadalupe Hildalgo ended the Mexican War in 1848. The US paid Mexico $15 million in partial compensation for the Mexican Cession, and up to $3.25 million to pay claims by Americans against Mexico. The $15 million amount was also what Mexico was to receive under the Gadsden Purchase in 1853, but the US Senate approved only $10 million.

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