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Q: What temperature does a basketball bounce higher in hot or cold?
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Why would a basketball at room temperature bounce higher than a frozen basketball?

The basketball at room temperature has more energy, because cold is just the absence of energy. The ball that is frozen would not bounce as high because it is wanting to stay in that shape, and has less time to react.

Will a hot tennis ball bounce higher than a cold tennis ball?

In theory, yes, however the largest effect of the temperature will be on the court. The hotter the surface is, the higher the ball will bounce.

How long does it take for an inflated basketball to lose air?

Depends on a lot of factors. Climate can effect how long a basketball holds its bounce. Really cold weather (below 50) will cause a basketball to loose it's bounce rather quickly. If stored at room temperature, a basketball should hold its bounce for around 3-6 months.

How does the temperature of a tennis ball effect its height of its bounce?

the hotter the tennis ball is the higher it will bounce because the molecules are moving faster and the pressure is decreasing. Opposite when it is cold.

Can cold air effect how high a basketball can bounce?

== == This is because of air's tendency to become more dense when it is cold. This happens because air molecules,when cold, move slowly and close together while air molecules,when warm, move fast and farther apart.

Which will bounce higher a hot or cold ball?

Neither. When a rubber ball gets hot, the rubber begins to lose its elasticity. It doesn't bounce as high. When a rubber ball gets really cold, it starts to behave rather like a rock. It hardly bounces at all The temperature of highest bounce depends on exactly what the ball is made of, but it is probably not all that far from room temperature.

What makes a basketball bounce higher?

when more pressure is applied to a basketball the ball bounces higher. your strength matters. if your strong, you throw the ball on the ground with all your might it will go very high. air inside the ball also matters. if 3/4 of the ball or less is full the ball will barely bounce. in fact there are chances it will not bounce at all no matter how strong you are. you need to make sure that the ball is full of air if you want it to bounce

How does temperature effect how high a tennis ball will bounce?

when the temperature is cold, the air inside the basketball will shrink, and hotter temperatures will expand the air creating more air pressure inside the ball making it bounce better, try putting a balloon in the freezer and seeing how much it shrinks and expands when you take it out. But what would happen if the pressure in the basketball was the same in the warm and cold conditions? The colder ball would have to have more mass of air inside of it. At least to first order, they response to the external impact would be the same. I would bet that the stiffer rubber would still make the cold ball bounce lower than the warm one, but it would be an interesting experiment. Remember that air affects the height the basketball bounces. Colder air is more dense and therefore has more friction than warm air. The difference isn't entirely noticeable in something as big as a basketball but for example in badminton the shuttlecock which has high air resistance responds differently in different climates. You need to buy either faster or slower shuttles depending on the temperature on the day.

What temperature are hockey pucks kept at?

As cold as they can get. If they are warm, they can bounce. Keeping them cold keeps them from bouncing. The inability to bounce plays as a constant for all hockey teams and leagues.

Does the warm temperature affect the bounce of a ball?

Yes. 'Warm' increases the elasticity. Cold decreases the elasticity. Extreme cold can make the substances brittle and not bounce at all.

Does a teenis ball bounce higher if its cold or hot?

if its cold its not going to bonce high if its warm its okay

Why does a basketball left outside at night become soft and loose its bounce?

Because its cold outside and it deflats