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Q: What techniques make a good pole vault jump?
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How do you score vault routines?

Well this depends strictly upon each vault. You will first need to obtain your license to judge from USAG. You will then salute the gymnast, signifying that you are ready to watch the vault. You will need to watch for a piked position and an arched position. You will also want to make sure the gymnast jump up when approaching the vault as opposed to reach directly for the vault. Also, the gymnast must stick the landing as well. You will learn about all the decutions to make as you are trained to become a judge.

How do you vault on red dragon island?

u grab the stick thing and back up a little and run and jump

How do you build a jump?

when you decide to build a good jump, you shold make sure you start small, you dig, shape then jump :)

What events were in the Commonwealth Decathalon?

The events that make up the Commonwealth Games Decathlon (excluding the discus) are 100m Sprint, Long Jump, Shot Put, High Jump, 400m Sprint, 110m Hurdles, Pole Vault, Javelin Throw and 1500m.

Give you a list of every parkour move and parkour technique?

well yes and no. first there is a small list of parkour moves that every tracuer (a practitioner of parkour) knows. kong vault,lazy vault,speed vault,dash vault,reverse vault,quadrapedal vaut, turn vault,kash vault, pop vault, thief vault, under bar, 360 under bar, wallrun, tick tack, dive roll, roll, side roll, cat grab... but parkour is not a set of moves, just because you do the moves doesn't mean our doing parkour. you are doing parkour when you "flow" a term used to define how we move between obstacles flow is o be like water and from that stems all of the techniques in parkour, once you realise this it becomes apparent that if you where to try an make a list of techniques you would never finish because people never stop making new movements.

How do you get a vault 112 uniform?

In game-Go to Vault 112 Real Life-Make one

What problem-solving techniques will help make you a good citizen?

The ability to solve conflicts involving others peacefully will make you a good citizen.

How many events make up an Olympic Decathlon?

Ten (10) events make up an Olympic decathlon. 100 Meter Dash 110 Meter Hurdles 400 Meter Run 1500 Meter Run Long Jump Shot Put High Jump Discus Throw Pole Vault Javelin Throw

What score is needed to be a gymnastics vault specialist for level 8?

What you must be concerned about here, is how the vault is performed. You must have stay through the vault, and make sure you practice before.

What connection does harry make between the robbery at gringotts and the vault Hagrid emptied?

the vault hagrid emptied is the same vault that someone attempted to rob. the sorcerers stone was in the vault b4 hagrid emptied it. is that what u wanted to know?

What are the main step to make a feasibility studies?

can somebody help me learn the techniques to make a very good feasibility studies?

How much to vault associates at the Home Depot make?

I was hired as a cashier 2 years ago for $8.40 an hour, moved up to $8.66, then $9.00, and now as a Vault associate I make $9.40. My co-worker in the vault makes $15.88. Tell me how that is fair.