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1985 Cleveland Browns, 1990 New Orleans Saints, 1991 New York Jets, 1999 Dallas Cowboys, 1999 Detroit Lions, 2004 Minnesota Vikings, 2004 St. Louis Rams, 2006 New York Giants, 2008 San Diego Chargers, and 2011 Denver Broncos

The 1985 Browns, 2008 Chargers, and 2011 Broncos won their division ... all the others were wildcard teams.

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yes but the rest of their division would have to be terrible there has been one 7-9 team, Seattle Seahawks 2010

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Q: What teams went 8-8 during regular season and made playoffs?
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What NFL teams have the Ravens never beat?

Regular season: Patriots & Panthers Regular season & Playoffs: Panthers

How many games are played in NHL?

Each team plays 82 regular season games (not including playoffs). Counting all teams 1,230 games are played during the regular season.

Why do NBA teams play games on back to back days during the regular season but not in the playoffs?

My guess would be in the Playoffs the players need their rest, so they can peform their best when they play.

How many regular season NFL games?

There are 16 regular season games in an NFL season. After the regular season is over, the to two teams have a first round "bye". Meaning they don't have to play that week while the other 8 teams do. Those 10 playoff teams are comprised of the 8 division winners, as well as two wildcard teams- one team from both the NFC and AFC with the best record, but who didn't make the playoffs. After the first round of playoffs, there's the Divisional Championships, then the Conference Championships and last but not least the Super Bowl. So, there are 16 regular season games and 5 weeks (4 rounds) of playoffs.

How long is the NBA regular season?

82 games unless there is a tie, 16 teams play in the playoffs

How many overtimes can a nhl game go into?

During the regular season, one. After the five minute overtime period, the game is settled by a shootout. During the playoffs there is no limit. The teams continue playing until someone scores.

How many total games are played by all nfl teams during the regular season?

16 games in the regular season

How many skaters can be dressed in NHL playoffs?

NHL teams may dress 18 skaters and 2 goalies for each game in the playoffs, just as in the regular season. Only difference between regular season and playoffs is that if a goalie gets hurt and a team as a 3rd goalie in the building and on the roster, he can suit up as the backup.

Who were the 2 teams that the patriots lost to?

They lost to the Cleveland Browns and the New York Jets in the regular season. In the playoffs, they lost again to the Jets.

What if three teams tie for the wild card?

If the regular season ends and two teams have the same record and are tied for the Wild Card, they go to a one game playoff, where the winner advances into the post season and the loser is eliminated from the playoffs.

What is best playoff season record for all teams?

what is best playoff season record for all teams in playoffs

When does a player have to sign with an nba team in order to be eligible for the playoffs?

Each team that qualifies for the NBA Playoffs must submit a list of its players eligible to compete in playoff games on the day following the end of the regular season. Because there is no Injured List for the NBA Playoffs, each playoff team must designate the 12 players eligible for the playoffs from all of its regular season lists (Active, Injured and Suspended). A player who is on the Injured, Active or Suspended List at the end of the regular season, but who is not designated for playoff eligibility, need not be waived. He remains on the appropriate regular season list through the NBA Playoffs. Teams must have at least nine eligible players dressed and able to play in a playoff game. Teams failing to comply are subject to fines.