What teams use the Houston Astrodome?

Updated: 10/22/2022
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the astros

Nobody uses the Astrodome presently. It is ro be renovated into a luxury hotel if approved by the city in 2009.

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Q: What teams use the Houston Astrodome?
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Where is the Astrodome and who played there?

Houston, Texas ... The Houston Astros MLB team and Houston Oilers NFL team called the Astrodome home.

What was the last thing Selena Perez did at Houston astrodome?

Her last concert at the Houston Astrodome was on February 26, 1995

Where is the Astrodome located?

In Houston, Texas.

Which was the first baseball stadium to have a roof over its playing field?

The Astrodome, built in Houston, Texas, was the world's first multi-purpose domed stadium. When it opened, it was named the Harris County Domed Stadium. The Astrodome hosted the Houston Astros (MLB), the Houston Oilers (NFL), The Houston Rockets (NBA), and the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo.The Astrodome also became the first major sports venue to feature artificial turf.

Is there a dome over Houston?

No, there is not. There is a sports stadium called the Houston Astrodome.

A domed building?

Astrodome in Houston Texas

Who has the smallest seating capacity in the NFL?

Houston Astrodome

What was the first roofed stadium called?

It was called the Houston Astrodome

What body of water near Houston astrodome?

Gulf of Mexico

Which stadium did the Houston oilers play in?

Jeppesen Stadium then the Astrodome.

What was the first major league baseball stadium to use artificial turf?

The Astrodome, home of the Houston Astros, starting in 1965.

What teams played opening day at the Houston Astrodome and their box scores in 1965?

The Astros played the Philadelphia Phillies in the first regular season game at the Astrodome on April 12, 1965. The Phillies won 2-0. Click on the 'First Astrodome Regular Season Game Box Score' link below to see the box score for the game.