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Montreal Canadiens - 23

Toronto Maple Leafs - 13

Detroit Red Wings - 11

Edmonton Oilers - 5

Boston Bruins - 5

New York Rangers - 4

New York Islanders - 4

Chicago Blackhawks - 4

New Jersey Devils - 3

Pittsburgh Penguins - 3

Philadelphia Flyers - 2

Colorado Avalanche - 2 (formerly the Quebec Nordiques, who won none)

Tampa Bay Lightning - 1

Dallas Stars - 1

Anaheim Ducks - 1

Calgary Flames - 1

Carolina Hurricanes - 1

The old Ottawa Senators from 1918-1934 have won 4. The NHL does not recognize the current Ottawa Senators as the same franchise and therefore they do not have any. However, they are allowed to display their Stanley Cup Championship banners in the current arena.

Also, the Montreal Maroons who played from 1925-1938 won two Stanley Cups.

These are the only two defunct franchises to win Stanley Cups.

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Q: What teams that won the Stanley cup final and how many times?
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