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Q: What teams play at the juventus stadium?
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What league does JUVENTUS play in?

Their stadium was once The DEL ALPPI STADIUM.

What is juventus stadium called?

The location of Juventus Stadium is Torino City in Italy.

What teams does Fabio Cannavaro play for?

Juventus and Italy.

When was Juventus Stadium created?

Juventus Stadium was created in 2011.

What is the capacity of Juventus Stadium?

Juventus Stadium has a capacity of 41,000 spectators.

When was Juventus Stadium opened?

Juventus Stadium opened on September 8, 2011.

Who is the tenant of Juventus Stadium?

Juventus Football Club

Who owns Stadio Delle Alpi stadium?


What stadium do all the NFL teams play at?

ahoaha stadeium

How many football teams have the letter j in there name?

st johnston, juventus and the argentinan Juventus

Which two teams compete in the turin derby?

Juventus and Torino.

Which two football teams play at the stadium of light?

sunderland and beneficio