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Arsenal (1993) and Chelsea (2007).

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Q: What teams have won the f.a. cup and the league cup in the same year?
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How many epl teams qualify for the champions league if the same team wins the league and f a cup?

Four clubs are chosen each year.

Has a club ever won the premier league the fa cup and the league cup in the same year?


Can blue square compete in the league cup?

No, the league cup is only for teams in League 2 and above.

Does same teams from the same nation can play against each other in the champions league cup quarter final?


How does a team qualify for the UEFA Champions League?

It is determined by the teams strength in the Champions League. The stronger the league, the more teams that can qualify from it. The winner of the UEFA cup from the previous year gets an automatic qualification.

Have any hockey teams existed for as long as the Canucks have without ever winning Stanley Cup?

I pretty sure the Buffalo Sabres haven't won a Cup... They entered the league in the same year as the Canucks...

Which player has lost champions league fa cup and league cup with 3 different teams?


How many teams have won the champions league European cup?

21 teams

How many teams are in Spanish league?

There are 16-32 teams in a Spanish Cup

How many games do Premier League teams play in one season?

All teams in the Premier League play 38 league games. 19 at home, and 19 away. They all also take part in the yearly FA Cup competition and the League Cup. Some teams play in either the Champions League or the Europa League depending on their previous year qualification and finish.

Footballers who have won the world cup and the champions league in the same year?


How many gray Cup rematch's are there?

If the question is, "How many times did the same two teams appear in the Grey Cup two years in a row?" the answer is, lots. In some cases the same teams were in the Grey Cup for three years running, which I would count as two rematches, that is, two games where the teams were the same teams as the year before. So, how many times has the Grey Cup been between the same two teams who were in it the year before? Over 101 Grey Cup games, 16 times, most recently in 2009-2010.

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