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Islanders Edmonton Montreal

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Q: What teams have swept the Stanley Cup finals in 4 games?
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How many teams have been swept in the nba finals?


How many teams won the Stanley Cup after being down two games in the finals?


How many teams have won the Stanley Cup in 8 games?

The Stanley cup finals have only went up to 7 games and never past.

What teams have been swept in the NBA finals?

there are so many teams!but right now the lakers and the magics are on the game 3 of the finals

How many games are int he Stanley cup finals?

a range of 4 - 7 depending on how well the teams do

Which teams played in the 1999 Stanley cup finals?

The Dallas Stars defeated the Buffalo Sabres in 6 games.

What is the fewest games it took to win the Stanley cup?

Well, the team will have to win 4 games in a row out of the 7 games.What games are counted, and by which teams?Only Stanley Cup Finals gamesOnly games by the Stanley Cup Champion in the Stanley CupGames by the Stanley Cup Champion including regular season games

What teams have had the most appearances in the Stanley cup finals?

Montreal and Detroit

Where is the NHL final held?

The NHL Stanley cup finals are held at both of the teams cities that are in the finals.

What players has played for three different teams in Stanley cup finals?

Marian Hossa (now of the Chicago Blackhawks), played in the 2008 Stanley Cup Finals for Pittsburgh (and lost), played in the 2009 Stanley Cup Finals for Detroit (and lost), and played in the 2010 Stanley Cup Finals for Chicago (and won).

Have the same two teams ever had a rematch in the Stanley Cup Finals two years in a row?

The last time two teams rematched in the Stanley Cup Finals was in 2009 when the Pittsburgh Penguins defeated the Detroit Red Wings in 7 games. In 2008 Detroit had defeated Pittsburgh in 6 games. It was the first back-to-back rematch since 1984 between the Edmonton Oilers and New York Islanders, who likewise split their two meetings (NYI-1983, EDM-1984). In all, Finals teams have rematched for the Stanley Cup nine times since 1932.

Has any NHL team made it to the playoffs and then not win a game?

Yes, many teams have been swept in the first round. None were swept in the first round of the 2012 Stanley Cup playoffs. The last team to be swept in the first round was the Phoenix Coyotes, who were swept by the Detroit Red Wings in the 2011 Stanley Cup Playoffs.

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