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Q: What teams have spent the longest time in English top 2 divisions?
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Which division has five teams in the NFL?

None of them. The AFC has 4 divisions of 4 teams each and the NFC has 4 divisions of 4 teams each.

What is the longest distance swim?

1500 m freestyle

What are the 12s teams in volleyball?

In volleyball, there are cyo teams and club (travel) teams. Club teams are divided into age divisions. The 12s division would be that of players twelve years and under.

How many NBA teams are there?

There are now 30 NBA teams. There are two conferences with 15 teams each. There are five in each of three divisions within each conference.

Why was the NCAA divided in divisions?

Because there were too many teams to all be in one division.

Names of college basketball teams? ... It's a list of all College Teams of all divisions

What is the longest two NFL football teams have gone undefeated at the same time the longest?

Patriots and the dolphins

What is the longest ever special teams touchdown?

109 yards

What NFL teams have the longest playoff streak?

Indianapolis Colts

Span of control is accomplished by organizing resources into teams divisions groups branches or sections?


What NFL teams are in the division?

32 total teams in 8 divisions. NFC north south east and west AFC north south east and west

How many teams make the NFL conference?

There are 4 divisions in each conference. East, North, South, and West. Each has 4 teams. There are 2 conferences NFC and AFC for a total of 32 teams.