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Manchester city

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Q: What teams have Manchester united lost to for the premier title?
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What teams have won the English title?

The only four teams have won the English Premier League; Manchester United Arsenal Chelsea Blackburn Rovers

How many times new castle united won epl?

Newcastle United have never won the Premier League, infact only 5 teams have Manchester United Arsenal Chelsea Blackburn Manchester City Newcastle have won the first division title 4 times however

Who won the Barclays premier league in 2010-11 season?

Manchester United, which was their 19th English title.

Who won the first Premier League title?

Manchester United won the first PL title in the 92/93 season. They have gone on too be crowned champions 11 more times since.I think it was Manchester United!

What team won the first EPL?

Manchester United won the first Premier League title, in 1992/3.

What team won the premier league in 1996-7?

Manchester United beat Newcastle United, Liverpool and Arsenal to the title in 1996/7.

Which team has won more premieR league?

Manchester United and Liverpool have both won the First Division Title (Now Premier League) 18 times

Who is the greatest English football team?

Manchester United have won the premier league 18 times and Liverpool have also won it 18 times. Manchester united have won the f.a cup 11 times to Liverpool's 7. Overall Manchester United are the best team in England and are on the verge of securing a 19th premier league title overtaking liverpool.

Who was the premier league champions in 2000?

Manchester United won their 6th title at the end of the 1999-2000 season. Manchester United also won the 2000-2001 season, with Arsenal being the runner ups.

Who won the premier leauge in 1999?

Manchester United.Manchester United won the English Premier League in the 1999-2000 season. This was United's sixth premier league title, and 13th league title. The club had 91 points by the end of the season, and a goal differential of +52.

Who first won the premier league first?

Man United, and leeds won the last title before the premier league. Only Arsenal Blackburn Chelsea and Man U have won the premier league.

Who was Manchester United's final fixture in the 2008 Barclay's Premier League season?

Manchester United played Wigan away in the final fixture of the 2008 Premiership, and they won 2-0 to bring home the league title.