What teams do c ronaldo play for?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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he has just signed a 6 year contract with real Madrid.. so real Madrid

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AC Milan ,Corinthians and Real Madrid

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Q: What teams do c ronaldo play for?
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Does kaka and C ronaldo play on the same team in 2009?

Yes they do they both play for R.Madrid

Who is the only player to play for 5 different teams that have all won the Champions League European Cup at some point in their history but he himself has never won it and what teams did he play for?

Ronaldo (the Brazilian one) played for real Madrid, Barcelona, milan, inter and psv. all those teams have been European champions but ronaldo has never won that trophy as a player.

Which teams sell the most soccer shirts?

Real Madrid. About 100,000 annually. Roughly half of them have the name C. Ronaldo on the back.

Who is C. Ronaldo?

C. Ronaldo is better known as Cristiano Ronaldo. He is a Portuguese footballer who currently plays for Real Madrid. He is sometimes referred to as C. Ronaldo or Cronaldo to avoid confusion with the Brazilian footballer Ronaldo.

Why did Cristiano Ronaldo swaped teams?

Because Real Madrid offered a world transfer record of 80,000,000 pounds and he was to be paid 200,000 pounds year, ronaldo's dream was also to play for Madrid

Why didn't ronaldo play for confederations cup?

Ronaldo did not play the confederation cup as Portugal did not get selected to play.

What teams do Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos play for?

Manchester United & Sporting CP Now he plays for Real Madrid. 2013.

Where can one watch the C Ronaldo video?

C Ronaldo videos can be watched on Youtube for free. There are many video sharing sites where you can watch C Ronaldo videods for free on line at anytime.

Did c ronaldo immigrate?

No Christiano Ronaldo has not yet migrated to England.

What teams has ronaldo won the champions league with?

Christiano Ronaldo has won the champion League only once with Manchester United.

All the teams that Cristiano Ronaldo?

Manchester United, and Real Madrid

What posion cristano ronaldo?

Ronaldo can play as a striker as well as a winger.