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Q: What teams did the white sox's played?
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Who played for red soxs and white soxs in his career?

Carlton Fisk

When did Babe Ruth play with the Boston Red Soxs?

Babe Ruth played with the Boston Red Soxs between 1914 and 1920.

What is the statium that the Chicago White Soxs play at?

US Cellular Field

What retired player tried out for the Chicago white soxs in 1994?

Michael Jordan

Who played first base for the red soxs in 96?

Mo Vaughn

Who played third base for the red soxs in 1995?

Tim Naehring played 3rd for the Sox.

Does Justin Bieber like cubs or white soxs?

Neither, New York Yankees.

What American League team has had the most home runs this year?

Cubs and white soxs

Who played third base for the red soxs in 1996?

Tim Naehring played 3rd base for theSox.

Were the red soxs a team before the white soxs?

The red sox were a team starting 1908 befor that they were the Boston Americans (1901 -1908) Chicago White Sox 1901 till now. The White Sox were originally known as the White Stockings, but quickly changed the name as the local newspapers had shortened it for headline-writing purposes. So no

How much do tickets cost for the Chicago White Soxs?

I think they cost 40$, but im not so sure...

What is the abreveation for i rox your soxs?

othe abbreviation for i rox your soxs is i rock your socks