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Q: What teams did the Patriots play in the playoffs to get to Super Bowll in 2001?
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What teams were in the AFC playoffs in 2006?

The teams were: * Chargers * Ravens * Colts * Patriots * Jets * Chiefs

What NFL teams have made the most Super Bowl appearances?

The Dallas Cowboys, the Pittsburgh Steelers, the New England Patriots and the Denver Broncos share the record for most Super Bowl appearances with eight each. The Steelers have won the most Super Bowll championships with six.

The Patriots are going to win a Super Bowl?

Yes they willAnswerThey are going to win, most teams that are bad in the regular season get in the playoffs and then eventually win the super bowl. The Patriots are 8-4 but they are still going to winThanks

What year did both the Super Bowl champs and runner up not make the playoffs the following year?

This has happened four times in the history of the NFL since the Super Bowl began. 1988 - Redskins and Broncos were in Super Bowl XXII (1987), both teams failed to qualify for the playoffs in 1988. 1999 - Broncos and Falcons were in Super Bowl XXXIII (1998), both teams failed to qualify for the playoffs in 1999. 2002 - Patriots and Rams were in Super Bowl XXXVI (2001); both teams failed to qualify for the playoffs in 2002. 2003 - Tampa Bay and Oakland were in Super Bowl XXXVII (2002); both teams failed to qualify for the playoffs in 2003.

What teams will play the super Bowl?

The Eagles and the Patriots

What are the 2 Super Bowl teams?

They are the Patriots, and the Giants!

How many 11 win NFL teams have not made the playoffs?

one the new England patriots

Did the patriots and the colts play against each other in the Super Bowl?

No. This is impossible in any event, as both teams are in the same conference - American Football Conference - and the Patriots did not make the playoffs in the first four years of the Superbowl, when the Colts were in the NFL and the Patriots in the AFL.

Which teams in the NFL have had a 16-0 regular season record and lost in the playoffs?

Only one: the 2007 New England Patriots. Their only loss that season was the Super Bowl.

What teams have played in three or more Super Bowls?


What teams played in the 2004 Super Bowl?

the eagles and patriots... patriots won 24-21

How many teams with 10 wins have not made the playoffs?

Plenty for example the 2008 new england patriots who went 11-5 and missed the playoffs

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