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Mark Recchi was a member of the 1990-91 Stanley Cup Champions Pittsburgh Penquins and also with the 2005-06 Stanley Cup Champion Carolina Hurricanes.

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Q: What teams did mark recchi win the Stanley cup?
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What players won the Stanley Cup with three different teams?

Claude Lemieux Mike Keane Joe Nieuendyk Larry Hillman Al Arbour Frank Foyston Mark Recchi

What teams have never won the lord Stanley cup?

in stanley cup.

Who is the oldest person in the nhl 2011?

2011 was mark recchi when he won the cup with the bruins

Only player to captain two teams to a Stanley cup?

Mark Messier is so far the only NHL player to win the Stanley Cup as Captain of two different teams, the Oilers and Rangers.

How many teams are on the Stanley cup?


Which teams won the Stanley cup?

Los Angeles Kings won Stanley Cup in 2012

How many teams won the stanley cup?

27 different teams

How many teams have won the stanley cup?

18 of the active teams.

Who is the only person to captain two different teams to the Stanley cup?

Mark Messier, 1990 Oilers and 1994 Rangers

Who has won the Stanley Cup the least amount of times?

Many teams have never won the Stanley Cup.

How many different teams have won the Stanley Cup?


Do the Stanley cup teams get medals?

They don't get medals. They get rings.

How many teams have not won the St Stanley Cup?


What teams played in the 1970 Stanley cup?

Montreal canadiens

How many teams play in the Stanley cup semifinals?


What teams were in the Stanley cup in 1929?

Boston and New York

What hockey teams that have won the Stanley cup?

Montreal Canadians

How many Stanley Cups have the Canadians won?

The Montreal Canadiens have won the Stanley Cup 24 times. If Canadians refers to teams from Canada, The Stanley cup has been won by Canadian teams a total of 51 times, including defunct teams.

Which teams have the most Stanley cup wins?

Montreal Canadiens have 23 Stanley Cups. Dave

How many games are in the Stanley Cup semifinals?

in the Stanley cup playoffs, teams compete in a best of seven series in each round

What NHL teams have never made the Stanley cup playoffs?


What prize do hockey teams compete for at the end of a season?

The Stanley Cup

How many teams have never won Stanley cup?

1 team.

What teams have had the most appearances in the Stanley cup finals?

Montreal and Detroit

Who is the oldest NHL team never to win the Stanley cup?

The NHL expanded from six teams to twelve teams in the 1967-68. All six of the 'original' teams have won a Cup. Of the six new teams, the Los Angeles Kings and St. Louis Blues have not won a Stanley Cup. As of the 2007-08 season, they would be the oldest teams not to have won a Cup.