What teams did david Johnson play for?

Updated: 12/16/2022
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He started his career at Everton then Ipswich, Liverpool, Everton again, Barnsley, Man city, Tulsa roughnecks, Preston north end then finished up at Naxxar lions.

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Q: What teams did david Johnson play for?
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What NFL team does David Johnson play for?

David Johnson plays for the San Diego Chargers.

What position does David Johnson play?

David Johnson plays Tight End for the San Diego Chargers.

What college did NFL player David Johnson play for?

NFL player David Johnson played for Arkansas State.

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Alex Johnson is a former professional baseball outfielder. Some of the teams that Alex Johnson played for included: St. Louis Cardinals, Cincinnati Reds, and the Los Angeles Angels.

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David Johnson played fullback for the Steelers in 2010. He was also the teams third string tight end.

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C. David Johnson was born on November 29, 1955.

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