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89-90CLE753517.9.470.000.7621. 90-91CLE745120.1.524.000.7011.101.802.901.1.35.321.271.808.5 91-92LAL36210.6.466.000.610.801.302. 91-92CLE608.3.500.000.625.30.701. 92-93NJN772015.4.483.000.7241.101.903. 93-94DAL1010.01.000.0001. 94-95HOU411419.9.603.333.6131.603. 95-96HOU828224.6.541.125.6931.603.705.401.1.57.461.152.008.6 96-97PHO1008.3.500.000.727.301.301. 96-97MIL60111.2.508.167.661.601.602. 97-98ATL77815.6.433.250.724.701.602. 98-99CHA482124.8.472.375.678.802.903.601. 99-00SAS302720.1.466.333.806.402.202.601. 99-00CHA33215.0.434.143.524.702. 00-01GSW6012.3.450.000.600.502.503. 00-01CLE20213.3.413.000.667.301.601. 01-02SAC1805.1.370.000.500.601.301.

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Q: What teams did chucky brown play for?
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Who played for the most NBA teams in history?

Chucky Brown played for 11 teams between 89-01

What is Chucky Brown's birthday?

Chucky Brown was born on February 29, 1968.

When was Chucky Brown born?

Chucky Brown was born on February 29, 1968.

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To date, Chucky has murdered 30 times including his girlfriend Tiffany, whom he has murdered once as a human and twice as a doll. It is never disclosed how many women that Charles Lee Ray murdered when he was the Lakeshore Strangler, so this body count is strictly after becoming a doll.

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